01. Discussion

For that reason, I discuss each detail of the related project if I need to communicate by video or audio.

02. Planning

In this case, I can create a plan for the interior projects. I will include every detail in the plan, when I deliver, when I need the website data from you.

03. Design

I am always conscious about keeping the design of the website as clean and functional as possible.

04. Coding

The website is built by web language that’s why we need to code for every website. A developer-friendly, well-written, hand-coded application is very important. There is a 100% guarantee on all of them.

05. Submit for Review

I send for client review after designing and coding. After the client has checked, if there are any changes or revisions, I ask the client to send me a list so I can do all of the changes.

06. Website Is ready!

I will publish it for everyone once we have reviewed everything, if everything has been accomplished. I make sure that my clients are fully supported in every project.